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Type Name Description
Rules  CPYSL REGISTRAR HANDBOOK_FALL 2018 Registration overview for CPYSL Club Registrars. 
Rules  CPYSL COACH GUIDELINES_FALL 2018 League rules and regulations.  
Rules  Player Need Bulletin A step-by-step guide to advertise your player needs to field a team into the CPYSL website. 
Rules  Lightning Policy Pease familiarize yourself with CPYSL's Lightning Policy. 
Rules  CPYSL FINE & FEE MATRIX_2018 List of fines and fees for league infractions. 
Rules  CPYSL Referee Handbook CPYSL Referee Handbook 
Rules  LAWS OF THE GAME_MODIFICATIONS Modifications to the Laws of the Game (LOTG) for 8v8 Travel Matches (U9-U12). Note: Unless otherwise noted the LOTG published by USSF apply. 
Rules  CPYSL Arbitration Rules Rules for filing an appeal on a decision made by the CPYSL league. 
ByLaws  CPYSL Constitution By Laws CPYSL Constitution By Laws 
Rules  2016-2017 CPYSL AMENDMENTS_REV 9-7-16 2016-2017 CPYSL AMENDMENTS_REVISED 9/7/2016