Gettysburg SC is sponsoring a referee course to be held April 14/15 at the South Hanover YMCA, 650 Fairview Drive, Hanover PA Four 3 hour sessions April 14 - 9:30 am to 4:pm April 15 - 9:30 am to 4:pm Must attend all sessions to graduate Coordinator Email: info@gettysburgyouthsoccer.org Entry Level Class Requirements 2017-18 Entry-Level Referee Requirements .pdf Individuals who are interested in becoming referees must meet the following criteria in the order in which they appear. COMPLETE BEFORE REGISTERING FOR COURSE (Click here for current courses; more will be added as they are requested) AGE:   Students must be at least 14 years old prior to the START of the course. 1.     USSF Registration Form a.     Complete this form online, print 2 copies and bring to first class (or submit to Course Coordinator as instructed) 2.     Risk Management/Background Clearances http://www.epsarc.org/Become-a-Referee/Background-Clearances Entry Level Grade 8 and 9 Referee Class Background Checks.pdf a.     Allow at least 3 weeks to complete                                                i.     PA Child Abuse Check                                              ii.     PA State Check                                             iii.     FBI Background Check a.     18+ years old b.     14-17 years old AND NOT a resident of PA for the previous 10 years 1.     Disclosure Form a.     14-17 years old AND a resident of PA for the previous 10 years b.     Select “Paid Employee”                                                i.     “Volunteer Certificates” will NOT be accepted c.     Provide RESULTS of Background Clearances to Course Coordinator                                                i.     Candidates who do not provide RESULTS of Background Check to Course Coordinator will NOT be permitted to register for a course d.     For additional information                                                i.     http://www.epsarc.org/Become-a-Referee/Background-Clearances 3.     Course Registration Fee a.     Provide course registration fee to Course Coordinator                                                i.     Grade 9 Referee                     $   60.00                                              ii.     Grade 8 Referee                      $  100.00                                             iii.     Grade 8 Futsal Referee            $ 100.00 COMPLETE BEFORE COURSE BEGINS 1.     Laws of the Game a.     https://ussoccer.app.box.com/s/ruqcsf0671k1bcf6dzwf/1/629027965                                                i.     Download and review current Laws of the Game 2.     Online Modules a.     http://www.ussoccer.com/referees/resource-center/online-training                                                i.     Enter the following information 1.     First Name 2.     Last Name 3.     E-Mail Address 4.     State Association:       Pennsylvania-East 5.     Clinic Number:            (XXX-####)                                              ii.     Complete all 7 required Law Modules                 1.     Concussions in Soccer Overview                 2.     Law 1 – The Field of Play                 3.     Law 2 – The Ball                 4.     Law 3 – The Players                 5.     Law 4 – The Players’ Equipment                 6.     Law 7 – The Duration of the Match                 7.     Law 8 – The Start and Restart of Play                                             iii.     Print each certificate of completion (7 total)                                                                 1.     Provide to Course Coordinator COURSE PARTICIPATION 1.     Classroom Instruction Hours a.     Candidates must attend the entire course of which he/she is registered                                                i.     Grade 9 Referee Course 1.     7 hours total a.     Minimum: 1-day course b.     Maximum: 2-day course                                              ii.     Grade 8 Referee Course 1.     12 hours total a.     Minimum: 2-day course b.     Maximum: 4-day course                                             iii.     Grade 8 Futsal Referee Course 1.     8 hours total a.     Minimum: 1-day course b.     Maximum: 2-day course b.     Candidates who are unable to attend the course of which he/she is registered will NOT satisfy the course requirements                                                i.     No Exceptions 2.     Laws of the Game Written Test a.     80% or better 2017-18 Re-Testing.pdf
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Expiration Date: 4/13/2018
Full Name: Christie Bach
Phone/Email: (703) 785-0859 / info@gettysburgyouthsoccer.org