Title: Goalkeeper Clinics
Carlisle YMCA Sports Director, Kelly Tyrrell, is holding mini clinics for goalkeepers in

grades 3-12 this spring to help them work on their skills and prepare them for the

upcoming season.These clinics will be held on Friday, March 23rd (grades 9-12),

Friday, March 30th (grades 6-8), and Friday, April 6th (grades 3-5).There will also

be a one-day clinic for grades 5-12 on Sunday, April 15th.Registration information

(fees, times, ect) are available online.Space is limited, so please register sooner

rather than later.
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Expiration Date: 4/16/2018
Full Name: Kelly Tyrrell
Phone/Email: (860) 573-6893 / ktyrrell@carlislefamilyymca.org