Print  Name:    Gettysburg Youth Soccer Code:    06GET
Street:    P.O. Box 4563 Phone:    717-968-4424
City:    Gettysburg  State/Zip:    PA  17325
Club Website: Status:    Active
Club Team Schedule: Last Season Active:   Fall 2023
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Club Vice-President  Christie Cowger (717) 968-4424  Email Me
Club President  Jeremy Flores (223) 201-0670  Email Me
Club Venue
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Gettysburg High School
1130 Old Harrisburg Road Gettysburg PA
- 2  0    
Straban Township Park
100 Smith Road Gettysburg PA
- 2  0    
Biglerville Elementary
3270 Biglerville rd Biglerville PA
- 1  0    
Littlestown High School Stadium
150 E Myrtle St, Littlestown, PA 17340 Littlestown PA
- 1  0    
Oakside Community Park
2880 Table Rock Road Biglerville PA
- 4  0    
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U10 Travel GYSC CHARGERS(4660)
U12 Travel GYSC Phantoms(4341)
U15 Travel GYSC THUNDER(4674)
U09 Travel  GYSC ARSENAL(4661)
U09 Travel  GYSC Spirit 2015(4868)
U09 Travel  GYSC Fusion 2015(4869)
U10 Travel  GYSC Falcons(4397)
U12 Travel  GYSC RED MAMBAS(4662)
U12 Travel  GYSC Force(3956)
U14 Travel  GYSC CANNONS(4398)
U19 Travel  GYSC JUGGERNAUTS(5055)