Print  Name:    FC Dallastown Code:    06DAL
Street:    204 St. Charles Way, Unit 367E Phone:   
City:    York  State/Zip:    PA  17402
Club Website: Status:    Active
Club Team Schedule: Last Season Active:   Fall 2023
Title Club Officers
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Club President  Melissa  Myers (717) 515-1733  Email Me
Club Vice President - Girls   Morgan White (717) 887-1751  Email Me
Club Registrar  Jessica  Hoover (717) 515-1454  Email Me
Club Vice President - Boys   Rebekka Matthews (717) 368-5804  Email Me
Club Treasurer  Michael Fautch (608) 630-1594  Email Me
Club Venue
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Stump Memorial Park
525 Days Mill Rd. York PA
- 2  0    
York Twp Park
25 Oak St York PA
- 4  0    
Dallastown Area Middle School
21 Boundary Avenue Dallastown PA
- 3  0    
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U09 Travel FC Dallastown Diamondkats 15 Black(4821)
U09 Travel FC Dallastown Duchesses 15 Blue(4918)
U09 Travel FC Dallastown Lady Wildcats 16 Blue(5077)
U10 Travel FC Dallastown Chaos 14 Blue(4877)
U10 Travel FC Dallastown Sirens 14 Black(4750)
U10 Travel FC Dallastown Lady Raptors 14 Blue(4781)
U11 Travel FC Dallastown Lady Dragons 13 Blue(4428)
U11 Travel FC Dallastown Leopards 13 Black(4429)
U12 Travel FC Dallastown Lightning 12 Black(4874)
U13 Travel FC Dallastown Fusion 11 Black(4029)
U14 Travel FC Dallastown Comets 10 Black(3778)
U09 Travel  FC Dallastown Wildcats 15 Black(4875)
U09 Travel  FC Dallastown Panthers 15 Blue(4876)
U09 Travel  FC Dallastown Force 16 Blue(5060)
U10 Travel  FC Dallastown Blue Angels 14 Blue(4917)
U10 Travel  FC Dallastown B14 Academy(4590)
U10 Travel  FC Dallastown Dynamo 14 Blue(4722)
U10 Travel  FC Dallastown Spirit 14 Blue(4749)
U11 Travel  FC Dallastown Toros 13 Black(4423)
U11 Travel  FC Dallastown Cobras 13 Blue(4424)
U12 Travel  FC Dallastown Blaze 12 Blue(4426)
U13 Travel  FC Dallastown Lightning 11 Black(4027)
U13 Travel  FC Dallastown Gremlins 11 Blue(4028)
U14 Travel  FC Dallastown United 10 Blue(3780)
U15 Travel  FC Dallastown Dash 09 Black(3490)
U16 Travel  FC Dallastown Wolverines 08 Black(3496)