Print  Name:    Barrens Travel Soccer Club Code:    06BTS
Street:    P.O. Box 263 Phone:    (717)600-6408
City:    Stewartstown  State/Zip:    PA  17363
Club Website: Status:    Active
Club Team Schedule: Last Season Active:   Fall 2023
Title Club Officers
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Club Risk Management Coordinator   Dani Scarff (717) 555-1212  Email Me
Club President  Kevin Miller (717) 600-6409  Email Me
Club Registrar  Brandon Hall (610) 724-5709  Email Me
Club Secretary  Samantha Greene (717) 515-0622  Email Me No admin rights
Club Treasurer  Jason Wolfe (717) 495-0964  Email Me
Club Venue
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Southeastern High School-Kennard Dale
375 Main St Fawn Grove PA
- 1  0    
Hopewell Area Rec Complex
4295 Plank Rd Stewartstown Pa
- 2  0    
Hopewell Area Recreation & Parks
16 College Ave Stewartstown PA
- 1  0    
Southeastern Middle School
417 Main St Fawn Grove PA
- 3  0    
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U09 Travel Barrens Blaze(5091)
U10 Travel Barrens Spark(5044)
U12 Travel Barrens Crush(4635)
U13 Travel Barrens Bolts(4234)
U14 Travel Barrens Avengers(4198)
U16 Travel Barrens Blast(4199)
U10 Travel  Barrens Panthers(5043)
U12 Travel  Barrens Bucks(4634)
U14 Travel  Barrens Bulldogs(4478)
U15 Travel  Barrens Bombers(4200)