Dillsburg Dual Shootout 
  Tournament Name: Dillsburg Dual Shootout
Tournament Dates:
From: 10/12/2024 To: 10/13/2024
Points of Contact: Michael Flowers
(717) 502-0521
Mailing Address:
75 Acomo Drive
PA  17019
Tournament Details:
The tournament will be held in and around the South Central Pennsylvania area.

The Tournament's World Cup format features two rounds of play.

Qualification Round: Teams will be randomly placed into Four or Six Team Pools for a round-robin tournament format. Each team plays three 20-minute games. Teams are awarded points based on their wins, losses, and ties. Total points earned are used to seed the teams into Eight or Six Team Divisions for the Championship round of play.

Championship Round: Each eight or six team division will start its own series of championship elimination games on Saturday afternoon. The four winning teams will advance into Sundayís winnersí bracket and the four losing teams will move into the losersí bracket. In Sunday's Championship round's elimination format; one team will advance from the losersí bracket to challenge the team from the winnersí bracket for the division championship. Teams will play at least 3 championship round games. All games are now 40-minute games and drawn matches are decided by the Dillsburg Dual Shootout format.

Eligibility: The tournament is open to club/travel teams that play during the 2024 Fall season and belong to their local, state, and national association and have a current US Youth Soccer or other approved soccer organization validated player passes.
The tournament age groups are listed below for both Boys and Girls. Your team's age group is determined by using the January 1, 2024 date.

U-09 Girls & Boys Born on or After January 1, 2016

U-10 Girls & Boys Born on or After January 1, 2015

U-11 Girls & Boys Born on or After January 1, 2014

U-12 Girls & Boys Born on or After January 1, 2013

U-13 Girls & Boys Born on or After January 1, 2012

U-14 Girls & Boys Born on or After January 1, 2011

The tournament entry fees are:

$700.00 for U09/U10 teams††††††††$750.00 for U11/U12 teams††††††††$780.00 for U13/U14 teams
WebSite: www.dillsburgdualshootout.com/ddsoapp/default.aspx 
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