The report below are the list of teams that applied to play for the next CPYSL season games. Ask your club registrar to enter your team application online, or call the CPYSL office for information.
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1 U10F 5 New team SUSQUEHANNA CPU LIGHTNING (3998) Veterans Park/3 0-0-0
2 U13F 1 U12 Girls 1 West Schuylkill FC Havoc (4236) Schuylkill Haven I/1 0-8-0
3 U13F 4 U12 Girls 3 SUSQUEHANNA CPU COMETS (3578) Veterans Park/2 0-2-2
4 U15F 1 U14 Girls 1 West Schuylkill FC Lightning (3771) Schuylkill Haven I/1 0-7-1
5 U15F 2 U14 Girls 2 SUSQUEHANNA CPU THUNDER (3859) Veterans Park/4 1-1-1
6 U17F 2 U16 Girls 2 SUSQUEHANNA CPU CRUSH (3577) Veterans Park/4 5-1-0
7 U18F 1 U19 Girls HscVar1 SUSQUEHANNA CPU HAWKS (3999) Susquehanna High /STADIUM 1-3-0
Note: PlayIn - is the requested Age Group and Gender the team will play in
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