The following teams are looking for players to play in Fall 2024. If your team need players and would like to advertise your needs in this page contact your club registrar. Click here for instructions.
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Expires Team Name Club Name Age
Division Players
2024-07-28Carlisle Lightning Carlisle Area Youth SoccerU09F4-White30
2024-08-31SUSQUEHANNA CPU SHARKS Susquehanna Soccer ClubU09M5-White10
2024-07-28Carlisle Cosmos Carlisle Area Youth SoccerU09M4-Red30
2024-07-21East Penn Intrepid East PennU09M5-White30
2024-07-21East Penn Raiders East PennU09M231
2024-07-28Carlisle Lasers Carlisle Area Youth SoccerU10F210
2024-07-28Carlisle Force Carlisle Area Youth SoccerU10F4-Red30
2024-07-28Carlisle Chaos Carlisle Area Youth SoccerU10M3-Red10
2024-07-28Carlisle Thunder Carlisle Area Youth SoccerU10M5-Red30
2024-08-31SUSQUEHANNA CPU CREW Susquehanna Soccer ClubU10M5-Red10
2024-08-07Carlisle Vortex Carlisle Area Youth SoccerU11F2-White30
2024-07-21East Penn Fury East PennU11F431
2024-08-31SUSQUEHANNA CPU BEARS Susquehanna Soccer ClubU11M5-Red10
2024-08-31SUSQUEHANNA CPU ELITE EAGLES Susquehanna Soccer ClubU11M3-Red10
2024-08-31SUSQUEHANNA CPU STARS Susquehanna Soccer ClubU12F510
2024-07-28Carlisle Cyclones Carlisle Area Youth SoccerU12F320
2024-08-31SUSQUEHANNA CPU ELITE FALCONS Susquehanna Soccer ClubU12M2-White10
2024-08-15DASC Raiders Dillsburg Area SCU12M4-Red40
2024-07-23TYSC Trailblazers Tuscarora Youth Soccer Club (TYSC)U13F530
2024-07-28Carlisle Storm Carlisle Area Youth SoccerU13F3-Red20
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