Game Date Game Time Home Team Visiting Team Location
10/25/2009 1:00 PM TYSC Freedon (1447) Penn Legacy 91 White(1878) J Buchanan Middle School
This game was played as scheduled.
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This game was played as scheduled.
TYSC Freedon (1447) 1   
Penn Legacy 91 White(1878) 3  
3 referee(s) were assigned to this game. The referee that are NO SHOWS are checked below.
Primary Referee
Bennett, Ry
NO SHOW Assistant Referee#1
Arendt, Ke
Assistant Referee#2
Heintzelman , De
Comments From Reporting Coach/Team Manager
The primary referee stated, before the game, that the 2nd assistant called indicating that he had the flu.A parent for TYSC served as a club linesman and made only out-of-bounds possession indications with a flag.The clubs correctly were required to pay for only one assistant referee.