Referee's Bulletin 
Expired In:  11/30/2008
Date Posted:  9/2/2008 8:50:02 PM
Bulletin Title:  Game cancelations (weather related,etc)
1. Up to three hours prior to the scheduled game time (6 am for a 9 am game), only the Club
President or designated alternate can cancel a game or games for unplayable field conditions.
This must be done by calling into the CPYSL Weather Line, Box 6 and leaving a message. The canceling team must notify the opposing team.

Within three hours of the game, only the referee can cancel a game for unplayable field conditions and that will be done at the field.

Coaches can never cancel the game. If this occurs both teams may be subject to forfeit fees
and fines as determined by referee report.

1. Referee stoppage due to weather related conditions e.g. Lightning, severe rain, deterioration of field: game postponement of 15 minutes, if circumstances do not change so the game can
be restarted, the game will be rescheduled unless already in second half.
2. If game is in second half, score stands as is.
3. Team falling below minimum number of players (7 for 11 v 11ís and 5 for 8v8ís) will result
in forfeiture of the game.
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