Expiration Date: 4/7/2024
 Title: Spring Schedule Housekeeping Notes

The SPRING 2024 season begins April 6th and 7th and the schedule is LIVE.

A few housekeeping notes:

-There are a few games that have been made "TBA" due to unavailability of field venues.If your team has a game that is TBA, please work with the opposing team as soon as possible to schedule the game via the website.

-Teams are allowed game changes each season. There are no fees for State Cup matches, TBA's, and unplayable field conditions. Teams must contact the opposing team PRIOR to submitting a game change on the website.BOTH teams must agree on the website before the league can approve the change.If you cannot work out a new date immediately, please agree to submitting a TBA until the new date can be worked out and resubmitted. You can view your game request status on your action list under your team page on the website.

-Game changes MUST be submitted 5 days prior to the game date, referees need to be scheduled and last-minute changes WILL result in FINES.

Please refer to the COACHES GUIDELINES under the download section of the website for further game and roster information.

Any scheduling questions, please email Karen Crawford at scheduler@cpysl.net