Expiration Date: 1/10/2024
Are you, or anyone from your club, interested in running for one of our open CPYSL board positions this year at the Annual General Meeting on January 10, 2024? Elections this year will be held to fill the following positions:

President - 2 year term
VP of League Development - 2 year term
Treasurer - 2 year term
At Large Director Positions (5) - 1 year term each

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in helping our Central PA soccer community and providing additional input into the running of our league. Any of your club's coaches, assistant coaches, and existing board members over 18 years of age can run for office. If you or someone from within your club is interested, please let us know before next scheduled CPYSL Board Meeting on Nov 15th.

Email your name, club, position(s) in the club, and the board position you are running for to mklein@paclassics.org. You are also welcome to send in a resume if you would like. A list of candidates for office will be presented to the membership at the Nov 15th Board Meeting.

You can view descriptions of the open positions from the CPYSL Constitution and Bylaws at: https://www.cpysl.net/Downloads/downloadfolder/dwld_46232242_CPYSL_By-Laws_2020_rev._2021.pdf

Please let us know if you have any questions.

CPYSL Nominating Committee
Michelle Klein: mklein@paclassics.org